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Princess Cruises

Princess Cruise is one of the premium category Cruise brand and offers a traditional cruise experience. It's tenth biggest cruise brand owned by Carnival Corporation and famous for cruising in Alaska. Princess cruise ship companies take over 2 million passengers a year to over 360 destinations Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway. Princess cruise lines have been able to perfect their destination and itinerary selection and you can travel to countries all over the world and discover unique and interesting cultures.

Princess Cruise Deals

Princess Cruises offers a complete cruise package including on-board entertainment, incredible shore excursion programs, options for families with kids, and, of course, comfortable and luxurious accommodations. Add a Princess Cruise package to your cruise trip. A Princess Cruise booking can last anywhere from two nights to ten nights. At My Dream Holiday, Princess Cruise deals start from as low as Rs 14,000 per person. Explore Prince Cruise premium staterooms, including suite, balcony, ocean view and inside staterooms. What are you waiting for? Book Princess Cruise deals and packages for you and your family today!

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